A Quick Look In The Toilet Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

Most of the people go to the bathroom to do their stuff and never look back. However, having a look at what you leave behind your just before flushing can give you a detailed look at your general health and it may even save your life.


How much do you know your poop?

Poop is the thing that’s left from the food you consume after the body has absorbed the nutrients. It is a vital process that removes all the waste from your body, and the texture and smell of your poop can tell you what’s wrong in your body.

Textures of the poop

Separate lumps

You need to drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables. This is a clear sign of fiber and fluids deficiencies in the body.

Sausage-shaped poop, smooth and soft

There is nothing to see here – you’re doing fine.

Liquid poop

Which is also called diarrhea, it’s probably caused by an infection,and you need to drink more fluids to replace the lost ones and to prevent dehydration as well.

Soft blobs with clear-cut edges

The cracks in your poop mean that you have to drink more water.

Sausage-shaped, lumpy poop

This is not life threatening, but you need to consume more fibers and fluids.

Mushy stool

If you have this, it means that your poop is on its way to becoming diarrhea.

Soft poop, sticks to the side of the bowl

Your body is not absorbing fats properly because there’s too much oil in your system. Chronic pancreatitis could also be the cause.

Shades of the poop


This is the normal color of the poop due to the bile that is produced in the liver.


The poop could turn green if you have eaten too much leafy green vegetables or artificial food coloring. It also means that your food is passing quickly through the intestine.


Having yellow poop means you have excess fat in your body or a disorder such as celiac disease.

Light-colored, white or clay-colored poop

It indicates bile duct obstruction and probably it is caused by some medications.


Black poop is not a good sign – it could indicate ulcers or cancer, howeverit can also be caused by a vitamin that contains iron or bismuth subsalicylate. Visit a doctor immediately in order to exclude any serious conditions.

Blood-stained or red poop

This is a serious concern that has to be addressed immediately!

A few poop facts

The food that you consume needs 1-3 days to end up in your poop. Poop consists of undigested food, bacteria, dead cells, and mucus. The healthy poop would sink slowly in the water.

People usually go in the bathroom1-2 times a day, but it depends of the person. Generally, doctors don’t have a recommended frequency, so if you are going to the toilet every day you are doing fine.

How to keep your poop healthy?

To have a healthy poopyou should eat 20-25 gr. of fiber per day, exercise regularly and drink the recommended amount of water (6-8 glasses). Proper hydration is essential as it ensures that your colon is slippery enough so that the poop can pass.

In case you notice anything unusual with your poop, you need to immediately visit a doctor.

Source: http://ourhealthyhouse.com